Why SEO isn’t a One-Shot Process

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Why SEO isn’t a One-Shot Process

If you’re a savvy business owner who is looking to expand your company’s online presence, you likely know that good SEO can increase both increase your web ranking and drive more traffic to your site.

At the same time, you should know that SEO isn’t a one-shot deal. It’s an ongoing process that needs to be managed.

Yes, there are a handful of one-shot tasks, such as creating alt text for images and including title tags and meta descriptions, but there are many other things that need to be done on an ongoing basis.

Ongoing tasks

A key component of website ranking relates to adding fresh content. No one is suggesting you should add multiple new web pages on a monthly basis– but adding a blog (with the proper keywords and word count) can help achieve this goal.

It’s also worth noting that while adding a blog is good, it can take weeks if not months of posts before you develop a regular following. The goal of a blog is to establish your company as an authority in your industry, and one or two posts won’t accomplish that.  And again, your blog will need to include meta tags and alt tags for images.

Long term tasks

There are also other things that can often take months (if not years) to do correctly. This includes things such as link building, the reconfiguration of your content’s architecture and ensuring your website is optimized for social media.

You should also know that the search engine algorithms are constantly changing; things that work well today could ding you in the future. For example, in years past, the key to good SEO was using a lot of keywords and keyword phrases. But today, Google and Bing will actually ding your website if your keyword density is higher than the search engines now deem fit.

It can be a lot to keep up with.

In closing

A smart man once suggested that SEO can be equated to building the world’s best restaurant in a remote part of a city. You can have the best food, the best drinks and the best wait staff on the planet, but if you want to attract customers, you’re going to need to build (and maintain) roads that will bring customers to your location.

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