Why visit or move to Naples, Florida? Like you have to ask!

Why visit or move to Naples, Florida? Like you have to ask!

naples frontI just opened a google alert for a blog post from a site called www.weathertalkradio.com. The blog post was entitled “Is it just the weather that makes people move to Florida?”  I read it and  while I expected to read why tens of thousands each year flock to Florida to visit or to relocate, the blogger actually called Naples, Florida “worthless” (after visiting his parents here) and implied the only reason to move here was because of the weather!  At the point when this blogger said Florida was flat and had nothing to offer but golf courses and bugs, I really let out a howl of laughter! The cherry on top was the blogger saying that “in Naples, money has nothing to do with class.” Clearly, he was absent the day when the free world decided that Naples, Florida is one of the most sought-after cities to live and vacation in!

Well, naturally since my blog is about doing business in Naples florida, I had to post something myself after reading that one!  This blogger is misinformed and, truth be told, sounded a little short on accurate information. (Unfortuately, you don’t have to know what you’re talking about to blog these days!)

Besides the obvious, like the weather and some the most beautiful beaches in the world, Florida has much more to offer than golf and bugs.  Forget the rest of the state; let’s just focus on Naples!  Naples offers a lifestyle that is the envy of every outdoor enthusiast and our preserves, parks and beaches are the best! Naples offers world-class dining and shopping, arts and culture, and a theater community that is growing.  Our business community is thriving and it is a safe place to raise a family.  For our younger adults, there is also a lively nightlife including everything from dance clubs to wine bars to beach hangouts.

And, lastly, for the business entrepreneur, Florida has developed a business-friendly environment where an entrepreneurial spirit, competitive costs and streamlined regulations are the drivers that enable businesses to innovate and grow. Visit  eFlorida to see a multitude of tax benefits for doing business in Florida.

And if you’re not convinced yet, just think about not having to dig your car out of the snow…ever! That reason can stand alone!

My advice to the www.weathertalkradio.com blogger?  Stick to blogging about  weather patterns and leave the lifestyle and vacationing advice to us Floridians!