Why You Shouldn’t Cut Your Digital Marketing Budget During the Pandemic (Or Ever)

Why You Shouldn’t Cut Your Digital Marketing Budget During the Pandemic (Or Ever)

Business owners throughout the US are still struggling to adapt to this “new normal,” and in many cases, adapting means tightening belts, streamlining processes, and identifying ways to cut expenses. If you’ve been mulling over whether you should cut, or continue your digital marketing efforts, read on.

Be Like Jake

In the middle-part of last month, one of our staff members was talking to a Midwest-based business owner. We’ll call him Jake. Jake owns a company in a highly competitive field, where every inbound phone call counts. At the start of the pandemic (and right around the time that stay-at-home orders were being issued), Jake took note that industry revenues were falling. But instead of cutting his digital marketing budget (as nearly every single one of his competitors chose to do), he did the exact opposite- and ramped it up.

“I’ve always done OK when it comes to Google rankings, but I’d never been able to reach the top spot. My website always ranked somewhere between second and third,” he said. “Yet a few weeks into the pandemic, I saw something I never thought I’d see. The company that had the top spot, had completely fallen off the first page of the search results. My listing moved up to the top spot.”

Moving up to the top spot, he said, increased his company’s revenue by a measurable amount.

“My business is a lot better off than I thought it would be. I’ve already brought two of my employees back and I’m considering hiring another,” he said. “Staying on top of my digital marketing was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Digital Marketing Experts You Can Trust

When revenues are down, it’s natural to want to cut your company’s expenses, but trimming your digital marketing efforts will often do more harm than good. If your business listing falls off the front page of a Google search, you can and will lose money.

We get that these are still scary times, and that’s why the team at WBN Marketing is here to help. For more information on how you can customize your digital spend in a way that works within your budget, call our office today to speak with a digital marketing expert you can trust.

Remember- if your customers can’t find you, you’re not going to be doing yourself, or your business, any favors. Call our office today to learn how we can help.