Why Your Business Should Be Using Social Media

Why Your Business Should Be Using Social Media

Social media has changed a lot since the days of Friendster and MySpace.

In the past, social websites were used to connect with friends and family members. Today, websites like Instagram and Snapchat are digital marketing machines.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small, mom-and-pop operation or a multi-national corporation. If you’re not taking advantage of social media marketing, you’re losing out on tens of thousands of dollars in possible sales revenue.

It helps create brand awareness

If you follow the news, you’ve likely heard about the Fyre Festival. (If you haven’t, we’ll take a minute to fill you in.)

The Fyre Festival was supposed to be an exclusive, luxury music festival that would take place on a private island in the Bahamas. And while the festival itself turned out to be a glorious disaster, there is one thing that its organizers got right—their social media marketing strategy was on point.

To promote the festival, organizers paid social media influencers to post a photo of an orange tile with the hashtag #FyreFestival on their Instagram feeds. Within days, the brand went viral.

The social media campaign was an undeniable catalyst that accomplished two important goals: it got people talking about the event and it created brand awareness.

Social is popular

One recent study found that the average millennial Instagram user scrolls a distance equal to the height of the Empire State Building every day, and Pew Research Center found that nearly 70 percent of adults use one or more social networks.

Suffice to say, there are few businesses that wouldn’t benefit from social media marketing.

It’s cost effective

The social network algorithms are becoming smarter– and they’re getting better at filtering which posts appear in users’ feeds.  Yet that’s not to say that all hope is lost. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from paid/ sponsored posts. Not only is this type of advertising less expensive than print or banner ads, it can help ensure your posts get in front of relevant eyes.

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