Why Your Website Needs Fresh Content

Why Your Website Needs Fresh Content

Let’s say you own a boutique clothing store, and before you opened you hired someone to help with your website. They suggested working with a digital marketing agency help with search engine optimization (SEO), but you figured you could probably handle it yourself.

When it came time to add content, you did your keyword research, used alt tags for your images and you’re confident the keyword density is where it needs to be.

Yet six months later, you can’t seem to get your website to rank and it’s driving you nuts. You have Instagram and Facebook pages and you’re posting on social media on a regular basis.

What gives?

The content problem

SEO best practices change on a regular basis, but one thing that has remained stable over the years is the need to keep your website fresh. As far as the search engine algorithms are concerned, “fresh” means adding new content. No one is suggesting that you add countless new webpages to your site, however, adding a blog is a fast and easy way to ensure your website doesn’t go stale.

Search engines like websites that are updated regularly

If your website hasn’t been updated in months (or, *gasp* years) you’re not doing yourself any favors. In some cases, the algorithm may question whether your business is still open. Adding new content is as valuable to your customers as it is to your SEO ranking. Remember, getting a good ranking is like baking a cake- you need to add all of the correct ingredients, in the right quantities, to get the result you want. If you forget to add eggs or you skip the flour, it’s not going to work.

Fresh content serves another purpose

When you add new content to your website you can post it on social media. If you’ve built a good following on Facebook or Twitter and your followers click on the link, this will drive traffic on your website. If they cross post your content on their social media accounts, even better. The more web traffic you get, the better your SEO ranking will be.

In closing

Trying to stay on top of best practices and trends in SEO can be hard if you’re not a digital marketing expert. Again, the types of things that help websites rank well (and the types of things that ding their ranking) change often. For more information or to receive a free SEO report, call WBN Marketing today to get started.