Why Your Website Needs Great Content


Why Your Website Needs Great Content

In the early days of the Internet, websites were a lot simpler. They were the online equivalent of a Yellow Pages ad and in some cases, online listings were little more than a simple splash page.

But as time went on, the means by which websites were indexed started to change.

Search engines realized that high-quality websites were more interesting to web browsers and, as such, websites that had more user-friendly designs, relevant information and second-to-none content began to rank more favorably.

Why content is important

When it comes to website rankings, there are several things that the search engine crawlers take into consideration.

Content and dwell rate are among them.

Dwell rate refers to how long a person is on your website before they move on. If you own an auto parts store but your website has more information about upcoming community events than it does about various types of spark plugs, there’s a good chance that people aren’t going to stay on your webpage for long.

When people click away quickly, the search engines take notice, and your ranking gets dinged.

There are a few reasons for that. First, websites that have established themselves as being an authority on a given topic get the most weight. Why? Because search engines want to provide people with high-quality, relevant results.

When your content is stellar, people will spend more time on your website. In some cases, they’ll click from page to page to read more about your business, the services you provide and different life hacks you may have for whatever problem happens to ail them.

Suffice to say, websites with great content have a higher dwell rate. They also rank far better in a Google search.

What if I’m not a professional writer?

No one is suggesting that you need your website content to be penned by a New York Times best-selling author, but your content writer should know how to string a few sentences together.  It should be direct, to the point, and easy to read.  If it’s written by someone who doesn’t have a strong grasp of the English language, or it’s filled with run-on sentences and grammatical errors, your content won’t be doing you any favors.

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