Yes, Good Graphic Design Can Help Grow Your Business

Yes, Good Graphic Design Can Help Grow Your Business

If you’re a small to mid-sized business and you’re wanting to increase your revenue, but you want to be mindful of how you spend your advertising dollars, you probably haven’t given graphic design a lot of thought.

Yes, you may have heard about the importance of search engine optimization, the reasons you should be using blog and video content and you may have started looking at interactive web design.

But most small business owners don’t realize that they’re notorious when it comes to undervaluing the worth of professional design services.

That old shampoo ad had it right

In the 1980s, a popular shampoo brand began using the tagline “you never have a second chance to make a first impression” to help sell anti-dandruff shampoo, and while we understand that selling hair cleaning products may not tie into your business model, the slogan makes a good point.

When a customer sees an ad, visits your website or stumbles upon your logo, they’re going to make a judgement about your business.  High-quality graphic design can help you achieve instant credibility.

Cheap design can save you money up front, but cost you in the long run

Let’s say you need to buy a kitchen appliance and when you arrive at the local strip mall, you realize that there are two businesses in the complex that seem to sell what you need.

On the left, you take note of XYZ Appliance Sales, and while they seem to have a lot of products (based on what you can see through the front window), their signage isn’t all that appealing. On the right, you notice ABC Appliance Sales, and while their showroom looks remarkably similar to the showroom to their left, their signage is well designed and memorable.

Which store are you going to patronize?

Branding will make you memorable

If your company sells water bottles and you have three other competitors that are vying for your buisness, you’ll want to do your best to stand out from the competition. This is where a professionally-designed logo will come in handy; the right logo can help your buisness cards, website design and promotional products stand out from the rest.

In closing

A well-formed marketing strategy will include several moving parts, including but not limited to SEO, interactive web design, social media marketing and graphic design. At WBN Marketing, we understand how to tie all of these components together in a way that helps our clients attract clients and convert sales.