Your Brand’s Identity

Your Brand’s Identity

Our businesses are our babies, in a way. We begin to build brands that become ingrained in our lives, and hopefully in our customers’. The best way to build a brand’s identity is to always remain relevant. But, how to we manage this feat? How do we manage to remain relevant in a world that is always changing, in such a fast-paced and ever-evolving market?


How many times have you been in a room filled with people, split perfectly down the middle because half love Apple products and the others love Androids? This is because brands have built an obsession around their identities. Customers want the latest, the greatest, the best of the best. And, every brand has their best consumers absolutely convinced that theirs is just that. Ford and Chevy are the same way. You take your brand and built a lifestyle within the identity, and you have lifelong customers who are obsessed with your product.


This part seems simple. Look at Nike, for example. The goddess Nike represents victory. When you see Nike shoes, you see Serena Williams celebrating another Australian Open victory, screaming in victory. The swoosh is inimitable, unbeatable. Wearers of this brand are inspired to do and be more than what they are, even if it’s just a student or someone going to the gym trying to run one mile more than last week. Inspire your customers, make them believe in your brand, and they’ll keep coming back for more.


Your brand needs to keep growing. It needs to be on top of all the newest trends, even starting some of its own. The iPhone was the first touch screen phone ever. Soon came Android, along with all the others. But, everyone will remember that Apple began the race to basically put a computer in people’s pockets. Their innovation is unbeatable, and that’s why their customers are so loyal, even when their products flop.


What is your brand’s role in driving consumer growth? Not only do you need to be driving the conversation around your company, but you also need to be actually driving sales as a marketer. Make sure the actual numbers and growth match the amount of attention and conversation surrounding your brand. Help it grow, and nurture it into every phase of new growth.

Your job is to always keep your brand relevant and growing. Its identity is intrinsically attached to these four basic principles of marketing to help drive this growth and to maintain your relevance as a business and a brand which will last the test of time.