Your Marketing Mix and More: Creating the Marketing Program that Delivers Results

Your Marketing Mix and More: Creating the Marketing Program that Delivers Results

Do you want a better way to deliver results from your company’s marketing program? Do you want some way to get the best performance from your outreach program – a way to make how you reach out to others more efficient and effective?

We all do – it’s the Holy Grail of marketing, so to speak. But unlike the Indiana Jones movie, this is far more easily obtained. You just have to know the key elements of a successful marketing approach – key elements that a lot of companies miss.

Here are five key elements that you need to have.

1. A Unified Strategy

Before you can step out and start doing all the little things you think you need to do, you have to have the Big Picture view first.

Think of your objectives – what you want to accomplish – then think about the unique things your company has to offer. From those, you can create a broad, 30,000-foot view of what you want to accomplish. What general approaches do you want to take?

2. A Better Model

Every business needs a sales model. Marketing is no different. You need a systematic approach to identifying your customers and moving them through a process of introducing them to the brand, informing them about what they need to know, earning their trust, and then converting them to action.

3. A Publishing Process

Any business these days needs to have an online presence. And this online presence is best used to promote your knowledge and expertise. Be helpful. Be engaging. Be a resource for your customers. And create lots of content that demonstrates this.

4. An Integrated Environment

As you build your online presence, don’t forget about the offline world, too. Find ways to integrate the two. These days, the line between the two is becoming increasingly blurred.  The better you can integrate one into the other, the better you’ll be.

5. A Lead Generation and Conversion Machine

Finally, you’ll need a way to generate leads, track then, and convert them. Content marketing goes a long way to accomplish this. Be an authority in your area or field. And create content with calls-to-action that can spur conversion. Use targeted, smart websites with landing pages.  Build customer loyalty programs. Take your leads on an unbroken path from introductions to saying “Yes!”

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