Your Marketing Mix: Reply To (Just About) Everything in Social Media

Your Marketing Mix: Reply To (Just About) Everything in Social Media

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Social media is social.  Social means people interact with each other. This isn’t always the case with social media when used by businesses, though, which is a problem.

Businesses should be very engaging online and should interact with anyone who wants to interact with them.  And when people go out of their way to comment on your site – whether it is good or bad – you should respond to them instead of ignoring them.

Some businesses stay quiet no matter what, which is bad. Imagine if you are talking to someone and they just don’t reply – even if you’re saying something positive! How weird and rude would that be?

Some businesses may reply to positive comments, but clam up when anything negative is posted. (And it’s even worse if they delete negative comments!)

I think it’s best to reply to everything, even if it takes a long time or may not be the most positive message you’ve ever replied to. People want the courtesy of getting a reply when they interact with someone online, whether it is a business or a person. Even if it’s just saying “Thanks!” you should do it.

Oh, and don’t delete comments, ever, unless they are profane or blatantly offensive to your audience. Short of that, negative comments need to be replied to – if you delete them, you’ll not only make the original customer mad; you’ll make other customers mad.

No one likes a brand that has something to hide or shies away from criticism.

So, take the time to reply to just about everything that people say to you in social media. You’ll find that people will be attracted to your brand just for that reason.  And the more social you are, the more social they’ll be to you – and you’ll have a positive cycle of engagement that every brand needs.

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