Your Marketing Mix: Should You Be Linked in on LinkedIn?

Your Marketing Mix: Should You Be Linked in on LinkedIn?

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Should You Be Linked In on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a pretty unique member of the typical social media triad (the other two being Facebook and Twitter).

With over 200 million users, LinkedIn is the world’s premier network for professionals and businesses. Each member has what amounts to an interactive online resume that is connected to hundreds of thousands of potential first, second, and third-degree connections.

Each person has the capability of connecting to anyone and everyone they’ve met in real life and online – making LinkedIn the world’s largest cocktail party for professionals.

But what’s the point of LinkedIn marketing? Should you and your business be linked in?

LinkedIn Has Value for Virtually Any Business

LinkedIn has a reputation for being solely for business-to-business (B2B) companies and professional services firms.  It’s easy to see how LinkedIn is good for lawyers, or accountants, or PR professionals, media members, corporate executives, and other similar roles, but does it have value for, say, restauranteurs, owners of retail stores, artists, and home supply manufacturers?

Sure it does!

Think of it this way: If you can benefit from getting connected with others online, you can benefit from LinkedIn. After all, everyone on LinkedIn is a person who needs products and services just like you and your customers – and, more importantly, knows other people who need what you have to offer.

Getting Started with LinkedIn Marketing

To start, create and fully complete a LinkedIn profile. It’s free; just make sure you include everything you can to make it a complete and visible profile (LinkedIn will help you with this).

Next, create a company page for your business. You can add information for products and services, an overview, contact information, links, and images. You can also purchase LinkedIn ads, post content to your company page (and share it via your own profile and those of your employees), spread your message to Groups (organizations on LI based on common interests), and share the link via other social media networks.

LinkedIn is a great way to connect, network, spread your message, and put your company and what it does in front of people who can either become customers, refer you to customers, or help you in some way.

Get on LinkedIn – and get linked in!

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