Your Marketing Mix: The Power of Infographics

Your Marketing Mix: The Power of Infographics

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Do you have information that you need to quickly and conveniently relay to a mass number of people, but you know your target audience prefers visual over reading long paragraphs of information and boring statistics?

If so, then you are definitely not alone. Fortunately, the wonderful world of infographics makes it possible to do just that—convey your message effectively in a format that is highly popular both online and in print.

Infographics have actually been around for a while, but it was not until 2010 that people really started to use them frequently, especially online. Today, you can find a high-quality infographic on a variety of topics all from the convenience of your home or office with a quick search online.

Why, exactly, should you choose to use infographics?

First and foremost, infographics are highly attractive and therefore visually appealing to the reader. When marketing a product, service, or simply trying to relay important statistics, infographics are powerful ways to get pertinent information to your reader in a way that is appealing to them and therefore will make them more likely to read what you send them. In marketing, having your target audience stop to see what you have to say is essential and with infographics that is now very possible and easier than ever.

Furthermore, if the infographics is placed on your website and when you send out Facebook messages, Tweets, Google + status updates, etc. and you put the URL to the infographic then you are driving traffic to your website—which is the home of the products, services, or cause that you support. This is what we all want anyways, right? So why not utilize infographics as an avenue for meeting that goal?

At the end of the day, infographics can be very powerful ways of relaying important information, increasing your credibility (if the infographic is good, you look more like an expert on the subject matter), driving traffic to your website, and helping you indirectly market your products, services, or causes.

Have you used an infographic yet? If not now may be the time—this is a trend that is definitely worth learning more about and utilizing to meet your goals.

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