Your Small Business Needs Online Reviews

Your Small Business Needs Online Reviews

Why Your Small Business Needs Online Reviews

In today’s world, you’d assume that everyone has a Yelp page. Depending on what a business does, reviews may also appear on websites such as Angie’s List or Trip Advisor.  Regardless as to whether a consumer is looking for a florist, wedding cake or roofer, nearly everyone starts their search by browsing online reviews.

If your business doesn’t have any- you’re likely missing out on sales. Here’s why.

Nearly everyone researches products or services online

If you’re already listed on Yelp, that’s good. However, you’ll want to make sure your listing is current. For example, if you owned a dog grooming business that was located at address Y, but in the past year, you’ve moved to location Z, and now, instead of grooming dogs, you’re operating as a boutique dog bakery.

If your help listing hasn’t been updated in the past 18 months, potential clients won’t know you’ve moved (or switched your business model.)

Consumers trust online reviews

Word of mouth referrals are great when you can get them. However, if a potential client is looking for a service provider and they can’t get a recommendation from a friend or family member, positive online reviews are the next best thing. If you’re wondering how to entice your clients to leave feedback about your business, the good news is that it’s a lot easier than you think.

For example, restaurants have been known to give clients 10-15% discounts on their next visit if they post a positive online review. One dog daycare service we know of offered a free day of care to clients who posted a Yelp review that included a photo of their dog.

The bottom line? There’s a lot of ways to get from Point A to Point B.

Online reviews can help boost your SEO

The Google algorithm is constantly looking for ways to provide consumers with the best possible search results- and it tends to give favor to business that have high quality backlinks. If someone is looking for a drycleaner, they find your listing on Yelp (or Facebook, etc.), and they click through to your website from the review page- this is going to help your SEO.

It’s also worth noting that businesses that have a lot of positive reviews tend to rank more favorably that businesses that don’t.

In closing

If you want to attract customers (and you’d like your website to rank better), you can’t neglect the power of online reviews. If you have further questions about how review websites create backlinks, how to entice your customers to leave reviews, or which review websites you should be using, call WBN Marketing today to learn more.