Your Social Media Strategy


Your Social Media Strategy

So you’ve decided it’s time to start using social media for your small business. This is an important step in growing your potential customer base. Before you start a social media strategy or campaign, there are important questions you need to ask yourself about your business, your goals, and the time you are willing to dedicate to this campaign.

What are your goals?

This is a basic but important question. One good thing to remember is SMART: Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Time-bound. Make notes next to each word and decide what each individual goal is. This could become really helpful in determining both your long- and short-term goals, and eventually designing a full social media strategy.

Who is your target audience?

What’s the age group you’re trying to reach? Once you determine that, you can decide which apps are the best to use and how best to utilize them.

Where are you currently on social media?

Maybe you made a Facebook and Instagram and just never used them, or a Snapchat and then deleted it because you never gained any traction. Take stock of where you are, how many followers you have, and where you would like to be. Make your goals realistic.

What kind of content do you need?

If you’re selling a product, then you’ll need quality photos. In retail, it’s good to show photos of updated window dressings in the store, and even of your employees modeling cute new outfits from time to time. Decide exactly what kind of content you need and then execute it.

Do you have the resources and/or budget?

If you have a limited budget, then find an employee who would be willing to take on the task, or even do it yourself. You can even pay for simple advertising on social media for only a few dollars here and there every month, specifying demographics and even areas of your neighborhood that you would like to see.

What tools do you need?

Do you have a camera, or even a phone that takes quality photos? Do you have a laptop or desktop computer? That’s pretty much all you need for social media. That, and a great attitude. You also need to be willing to dedicate a few hours every week to start your campaign.

How are you going to keep track?

Most social media sites have metrics for businesses to track how much they’re growing, how many visitors are liking their content, and even how many people are commenting and viewing their videos. Use this data. It’s included and it’s free. Once your business grows and you’ve gained a large enough following, you may decide you want to start using a social media management site like Hootsuite where you pay to manage everything from one spot, but the metrics are much more detailed.