Blog posting tips for 2022

A key component of SEO optimization involves adding fresh content to your website, and the easiest way to accomplish that is by adding a weekly blog.  If you’re scrambling for ideas and you’re not quite sure where to start, below are just a few ways you can get that task going.

Ask your clients

Do you have a list of client email addresses? If so, consider sending out an email asking them what they’d like to read about.  If you’re wary about emailing them, post the question to your social media pages.

See what’s trending on Quora and Reddit

Lots of people post questions in online forums, and these can often help you find relevant blog topics. For example, if you’re a real estate agent, you may be interested to know that there are numerous questions posted about your industry on Quora.  Examples include:

  • How can I find the best real estate agent?
  • Why should I invest in real estate?
  • How are properties valued?
  • How can I save on commission when I buy or sell a home?
  • What are the most common features that homebuyers look for?
  • How long does it take to sell a home?

Think about what your readers might be interested in

Since you’ll want to cross-post your blogs to your social media channels, be sure to choose topics that will interest your readers (and that are relevant to your brand.)  For example, if you own a dry-cleaning business, you may want to focus on topics such as the types of garments that need to be dry cleaned, how to get certain stains out of certain types of fabrics, and whether dry cleaning is better than washing.

Remember – the topics should be relevant and relate to your business. Suffice to say, adding posts about your favorite cookie recipes, interior design tips, and how to choose the best house plants, etc., should be avoided (unless you own a bakery, an interior design firm, or a nursery.)

Know your keywords

Lastly, you may want to contact your digital marketing partner to ask which keywords are trending for your industry. Not only will using keywords help boost your SEO, they can help give you ideas about the types of topics you should be writing about.

For more information about the benefits of adding a blog, how often you should post, and the keywords that are trending in your industry, we can help. Call WBN Marketing today to speak with an expert.