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Add These Extensions to Chrome for Better Content Marketing

May 28, 2016

Content marketing is powerful – especially when you can streamline the process.

Many of you have someone do content marketing for you, but if you want to help – or do it yourself – there are ways you can make your process more efficient with a few handy Chrome extensions.

Here are three Chrome extensions that can help boost your content marketing campaign.

Effin Amazing UTM Builder

A UTM (Urchin Traffic Monitor) parameter is a tag that you add to a URL that helps track certain stats about the piece of content that is being linked.

This gives you the ability to analyze traffic and stats involving a piece of content that you publish, especially when you send out a link via social media, email, etc. You want to do this because you want to know exactly where your traffic came from and who is viewing your content.

The Effin Amazing UTM Builder provides a very simple way to incorporate UTM parameters into your URL. We suggest using it whenever you are creating a piece of content and distributing it. For example, if you put it out via Facebook, throw in a UTM tag for Facebook and voila – you can track it.


One thing that people struggle with when doing content marketing is creating and updating a content calendar.

Trello helps take care of this by tracking your content calendar for you. If you see something interesting online that you want to eventually create content for, you can mark it in Trello. You can also use Trello to collaborate with other people, so if you have someone doing content marketing for you, you can send them ideas as they come to you.


You may be familiar with Buffer, which is one of the easiest ways to share content online socially. But did you know they have a Chrome extension?

Using the extension, you can easily share a piece of content with any number of social media channels. You can also schedule out posts, particularly if you have a great piece of content and you want to share it repeatedly at different times.

Have you encountered other extensions that help you carry out your content marketing campaign?


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