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Two Local Marketing Trends to Know for Your Naples Marketing Campaign

October 19, 2016

naples marketing

Naples marketing campaigns are usually designed to do one thing: get more local business from local customers.

Not to say that some businesses in this area aren’t concerned about out-of-area or out-of-state customers, but most Naples businesses want more customers in and around Naples.

That’s what local marketing is all about.

If you’re a local business that depends on local traffic, then local Naples marketing is the way to go. Here are two trends that you have to be aware of for your marketing campaign.

Retargeted Direct Response Ads – with Video

If you want to generate new traffic for your business, you should consider using video at some point. Videos generate more attention and more engagement than any other form of media online. If you’re not using videos, you should.

But there’s more you can do with a video than just showing it. You can use a video to create what are called retargeted direct response ads targeted at the people who watched your video.

What this means is simple:

  1. Person A watches a certain percentage of the video (25%, 50%, whatever you choose)
  2. They see an ad for your website on Facebook
  3. The ad has a call-to-action button asking them to visit a website, buy something, call you, download something, etc.

This works because people are more likely to respond to an ad favorably if they’ve encountered your brand before. Since they just viewed a video, they’re probably have better perceptions of your brand than they did before.

Note that you don’t need a video to do retargeting; you just focus on people who visit your website. But pairing it with a video is much better.

This works better for a local business because it broadens the range of ads you can show. You can show an ad that has “Get Directions” as a button, for example, which can help generate foot traffic.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is extremely beneficial for the long-term success of your Naples marketing campaign.

You can take it a step further by doing local SEO (also known as local optimization). This isn’t on-site optimization. Rather, it optimizes your off-site information via listings in directories. You’re basically taking control of how your business is listed online and are making sure your information is accurate, consistent, and complete across the entire Internet.

Why does this matter? For starters, if your information is incomplete, you’re going to confuse and/or antagonize local searchers. But more importantly, Google won’t trust your business if it gets a lot of conflicting information about it. Plus, you’re less likely to show up in what’s called the three-pack – that collection of businesses displayed on the map when someone performs a local search.

Local optimization is not a silver bullet, and it takes time to work, but it’s an incredibly important part of your overall Naples marketing efforts.

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