Three Ways You Can Build Your Authority with Digital Marketing

Three Ways You Can Build Your Authority with Digital Marketing

authorityIn digital marketing, authority matters.

Authority is the sense others have of your knowledge, expertise, and credibility in a given topic or subject. Authority matters because without it, people won’t have an idea of what you can offer them – and they won’t have a vested interest in listening to you.

People want to be helped by authorities. Here are some ways you can build authority through digital marketing.

Write a Blog

Blogs are great tools to use for content marketing and digital marketing because they directly establish and cultivate authority.

A blog is basically a statement from you to your audience: I know what I’m talking about and here is where I prove it. Writing a blog and posting regularly can be beneficial because you are sending out authoritative messages every week. You can then use these blogs to email to potential clients to show how you’re legitimate.

Write White Papers and eBooks

You can also advance your authority by writing longer content in the form of white papers and eBooks.

White papers are designed to show deep expertise on one narrow topic. It’s a chance to thoroughly explain how something works and showcase your technical expertise. They don’t have to be long; four pages is a great length for a white paper. You can use more if you are getting into a more technical topic, but four pages is a good target.

An eBook is a way to go even deeper into a topic or subject. It’s less formal, so you can be more entertaining. Plus, there is no better business card than a book. An eBook is a terrific marketing tool. It may take a bit longer to write, but it is worth it.

Create Infographics

Infographics are great tools to use because they showcase information in a visual way. You can demonstrate authority very effectively with infographics because people love looking at pictures. There’s no better way to explain something than visually in today’s day and age.

Use these authority-building methods to enhance your message and develop your credibility.