Making Your Website More Secure | Naples Website Design

Making Your Website More Secure | Naples Website Design

You’ve probably seen in the news where websites have been hacked – it’s happened quite a bit over the past few months. The most recent example is when one of Amazon’s websites was hacked by parties unknown.

But hacking doesn’t just affect big corporations, and it doesn’t always make the news. In fact, an estimated third of the Internet’s top one million websites out there are either vulnerable to hacking or have already been hacked. And if you’re on a WordPress platform – which many businesses are – your website may be more vulnerable, since 70 percent of WP websites are vulnerable to security breaches.

Is your website secure? If not, here are some tips to enhance your website’s security.

Backup Your Site

Start off by backing up your website as soon as possible. Do this on a regular basis. This doesn’t prevent your website from going under, but it does mean you can quickly recover and avoid losing all of your content and hard work in one fell swoop.

Choose a Secure Password

Many hacking attempts are actually pretty unsophisticated. They mainly involve trying to get into your account by breaking your password. Given how simple some peoples’ passwords are, that isn’t very hard to do.

Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters along with numbers and symbols. There are password generators out there that can help you come up with this. Also, change your password often to lock out any determined attackers.

Change Your Login Page

Most WordPress websites are accessed via something like, or If your website is one of these, you are vulnerable; all someone needs is that page and a few tools and they’re in.

Use a custom login, like the ones generated by the HC Custom WP-Admin URL plugin. This changes your login to a random one so you can thwart people who are trying to get into your site that way.

Host Your Website through a Secure Host

You’d be surprised how many business websites aren’t hosted securely. This means these websites are vulnerable.

Use a reputable hosting service that emphasizes security – and go with a respected name, even if you have to pay a little more for it. Budget options can be very ineffective when it comes to protecting your website.

Install a Security Plugin

To create even more security, try installing a security plugin designed for WordPress sites. There are plenty out there, such as WordFence, BulletProof Security, iThemes Security, and Sucuri Security. Go with plugins that have solid reviews – and if you have to pay a little for the premium version, it’d be a good idea.

Making a website secure is a part of good Naples website design. When building a site, get a provider who knows how to protect a website and everything within from harm.