Naples Social Media in a Post-Google+ World

Naples Social Media in a Post-Google+ World

You may have heard that changes are coming to the world of Naples social media – Google+ is unofficially going away (at least, the Google+ we all know and love).

Back in March, it was announced that Google+ was being split up into two different services: Streams and Photos. (Hangouts will also still be around.) This means the days of Google+ being a unified, stand-alone social media platform a la Facebook are probably over, and whatever form Google+ has moving forward will be different than what it has been.

For some who have used Naples social media, this news probably doesn’t come as a shock. It’s fair to say that most businesses haven’t gotten nearly as much mileage from Google+ as they have Facebook (understandably). Thus, this news probably doesn’t set their campaign back very much.

But what does it mean for your social media campaign?

Google Hangouts Is Still There

For starters, you’ll still be able to use Google Hangouts, which was easily one of the most popular parts of Google+.

Hangouts is still good if you have an active audience that can participate in video chats. It’s also good if you cater to a geographically-diverse audience, or if your audience consists of tech-savvy individuals.

It’s a Good Place to Share Photos

A strength of Google+ has long been photo-sharing. The network has made photo-sharing very easy, and the big, visual pictures you can find on Google+ are arguably better than what you can get with Facebook.

Using Google+ as a way to showcase your pictures and graphics isn’t a bad idea, and may even be a way businesses can continue to use the service moving forward.

What About SEO?

No one really knows what the SEO implications may be for Google+. Formerly, it contributed to a website’s overall ranking – albeit indirectly. But now, we’re not sure what impact it’ll have on a website’s SEO.

For now, continue to use Google+ as a part of your Naples social media platform. It doesn’t take much time and can still deliver some benefits while it’s still operating. Just don’t invest more time; chances are, you won’t see a good enough return on it.