3 Things Every CEO Should Know About Social Media

3 Things Every CEO Should Know About Social Media

Social media is important, but should a CEO know anything about Facebook or Twitter?

In today’s age, the answer is yes!

We’ll only brief touch on the fact that a CEO should already be on social media himself or herself, due to branding and visibility, and skip straight ahead to the importance of social media for the CEO’s business.

Here are three things every CEO should know about social media for business.

Social Media Is Powerful

Social media isn’t for everyone, but the pool of people and companies it’s not for is quickly shrinking.

These days, businesses experience very real ROI each month from social media campaigns. Whether it’s direct posting or ad campaigns, or through sharing videos and other hot content, social media is a powerful tool for brand recognition, awareness, and actual, money-making transactions.

Red Bull, for example, shoots 1,000 hours of footage each year to send out through social. They spend heavily on social media and were one of the first early adopters of the format. They wouldn’t be doing this unless they were getting solid return from the campaign.

Social Media Is Measurable

Another great thing a CEO should know about social media is that it’s easily measured.

CEOs should love anything that is measurable. If you can measure a marketing campaign, then you can refine it, tweak it, and optimize it so that it generates more ROI and improves itself.

Social media is a great example of something that is measurable. You can track likes, comments, shares, and engagements, but you can also track conversions, especially on Facebook. This gives you the ability to completely see what you are doing and whether or not it is working, which is an advantage over other, more traditional types of marketing and advertising.

Social Media Is Versatile

Finally, CEOs need to understand that social media is a fully functional, multi-varied, versatile marketing machine capable of doing many things at once.

You can grow your brand’s recognition and put your name out there. You can get more clicks to your website. You can share content and increase your share of voice. You can brand your experts. You can get conversions. You can boost sales. You can push products, or services, or whatever you have.

Plus, each social media platform does different things for different audiences. You can reach a wide variety of customers through a solid mix of platforms and campaigns with different demographic targets. And that makes for a supremely versatile tool.

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