What Will Be Important in 2016 for SEO Services in Florida?

What Will Be Important in 2016 for SEO Services in Florida?

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October is now here, and while we’re not even halfway through fall, 2016 looms ahead. Sure, we may not have had Thanksgiving turkey or sang carols around a yule log, but any savvy business owner is already thinking about the next year and what lies ahead.

The same goes for SEO services in Florida. We’re constantly evaluating the changing landscape to try to predict what’s coming next. Even the geniuses at Google aren’t exactly sure what SEO will look like in 2016, and they pretty much run the show.

Still, it helps to try and gaze into a murky crystal ball to prepare ourselves well in advance and put our websites in the best position to succeed.

Mobile Will Be Even More Important

This year, Google declared that more people use mobile to search than any other device. This was remarkable news, considering how dominant laptops and desktops were for so long. But now mobile is king, and that doesn’t seem to be changing.

In fact, by 2016, the smartphone market will grow to encompass 90 percent penetration. This means the percentage of smartphone users that use search will grow from 89 percent to more – and will include a larger percentage of the population.

Your website must be mobile-friendly. Google will increasingly crack down on websites that aren’t mobile-friendly and will penalize them significantly. Part of your SEO services in Florida should be making sure your marketing partner is taking care of you when it comes to a mobile-friendly site.

Social Will Be More Important, Too

If you haven’t already started incorporating social media marketing into your marketing campaign, you should – it should have even more of an impact on SEO than it already has.

Social signals will play an increasingly important role in ranking websites. This is because Google is looking to refine its algorithm to incorporate social choice, i.e. how often people choose to engage and interact with a particular brand.

The theory goes that if enough people are active with a brand on social, then it must be a relevant brand. By extension, the website is relevant and should be ranked higher.

Social signals aren’t a massive part of rankings right now, but they’ll be even more important than they are currently in 2016 and beyond. That’s one reason to have a strong social media marketing presence in addition to your SEO services in Florida.