Using Hyper-Targeted Keywords in Florida Internet Marketing

Using Hyper-Targeted Keywords in Florida Internet Marketing

We’ve talked before about how keywords are enormously important in Florida Internet marketing.

We know they should be:

  • Not too competitive
  • Relevant
  • Popular

And we know that targeted keywords are better than broad terms. But how targeted should a keyword be?

Why Hyper-Targeted Keywords Work

Keywords typically come into play in a few distinct areas: content marketing; pay-per-click (PPC) advertising; and SEO.

The more targeted your keywords are, the more effective these approaches will be. Of course, you can’t go as specific as you possibly can, because you’ll eventually get to a point where you’re using a hyper-targeted keyword that no one actually searches for.

But you can find keywords that people actually search for and aren’t being competed for by a million different websites.

For example, “weight loss solution” is very competitive. It costs a lot to compete here in PPC and it’s too competitive to use in SEO and blogging. But something like “medical weight loss solutions” or “diabetic weight loss solutions” is far more targeted and less competitive. If you’re trying to rank or show for one of these terms, you’ll pay less (in PPC) and have less competition.

That’s why they work. The more targeted you get – within reason – the more success you’ll have.

Finding the Best Keywords

How do you get hyper-targeted keywords?

Start with a general keyword, such as “weight loss”. Then think of anything that you can add to it to make it more specific.

Explore it from different angles. “Weight loss solutions” is one. “Weight loss diets” is another. “Weight loss exercises” is yet another. You could also even say “Custom weight loss solutions” for even more specificity.

Try adding a location, if you’re a locally-based company. “Custom weight loss solutions in Naples” is a good example of a hyper-targeted solution. Not many people are competing for that word, and if people actually search for it, you could get good results and high conversions.

Try to make it as unique as possible, but make sure it’s still being searched for by people on the Internet. If it’s not popular enough, it won’t be any good.

Using hyper-targeted keywords can benefit your Florida Internet marketing campaign. Contact us to learn more!