The Fundamental Foundations of a Digital Marketing Strategy

The Fundamental Foundations of a Digital Marketing Strategy

A digital marketing strategy is imperative for any business that wants to do business online.

Yet, most businesses don’t have a digital marketing strategy. And if they do have one, it’s not compete or thorough enough to be useful.

Here, we’ll lay out the fundamental foundations of a sound digital marketing strategy that delivers results.

Establish Clear Goals

Every strategy needs to be focused on goals. If it isn’t, it’s useless. How will you know when you get to where you’re going if you don’t have a destination in mind?

First, establish goals. What do you want your strategy to accomplish? Is it more traffic? More conversions? More product sales? Better brand awareness?

Ultimately, there’s probably a revenue goal at some level. We all want to make more money. But just putting down “make more money” isn’t sufficient. We need to be more specific – and, we need to connect the strategy to the revenue so we can prove we’re making more money.

Create Differentiation

Every business needs to understand how they are different from their competition.

This isn’t really just for digital marketing; it’s for marketing in general. But it comes into play when discussing digital strategy because you’ll have to translate your competitive advantage into a world that is growing more competitive every day.

So, when we’re talking about differentiation, find out:

  • How you’re different from your competition; and
  • How you can do things digitally in a different/better way compared to your competitors.

That means understanding what they’re doing digitally and finding a way to improve upon it and set yourself apart.

Coordinate Your Channels

Finally, you need to figure out what channels you’ll use to get your message across and how they’ll connecft with each other.

Everything should be connected to everything else. There should be coordination, a united front. Email, social, web, advertising – it should all relate to everything else. If a customer isn’t touched, at one point or the other, by every channel you use, your strategy isn’t cohesive enough.

Once you have the beginnings of a strategy, you can further refine and develop it and create more opportunities for your marketing campaign to succeed.