Storytelling as a Marketing Strategy

Storytelling as a Marketing Strategy


It takes a lot of time and effort to develop a marketing plan that really resonates with your target market. Storytelling is one of the most effective methods in marketing. Telling a story, which both your current customer base as well as those in your intended audience can relate to, could give you the competitive edge you have been striving for.

Try telling a story about something that inspires you that others may be inspired by as well. Package your story with descriptive words and include an image, if possible. No matter what industry your target market is in, from real estate to home health services, a non-profit or the fashion industry, people want to work with and/or invest in a company they feel understands them and their needs. Your story can be told through blog content, social media, print ads, video, or a number of other ways.

Entrepeneur magazine and Inc. magazine both shared a noteworthy finding from the Journal of Consumer Research. The study found “that people who were asked to think about the past were willing to pay more for products than those who were asked to think about new or future memories; another experiment showed an increased willingness to give more money to others after recalling a nostalgic event.” This further supports the idea that thought-provoking content, which tells a story and makes consumers or clients feel a connection to the message used in a company’s marketing, invokes a stronger desire to work with a company, buy a company’s product, or commission the work of a particular company.

Think outside of the box, be creative, and connect to your target market. You are in business to provide a service, find solutions for your customers/clients, and/or offer a product, but there are an endless number of ways to get your offerings out there, and writing inspirational content that reaches people and makes them want to do business with you, is a highly effective method in accomplishing your end goal.