Social Media as an Integral Part of Internet Marketing

Social Media as an Integral Part of Internet Marketing

It is safe to say that nothing has transformed the digital marketing industry more than social media. Within the industry, the impact of social media is common knowledge, however, a large number of business owners continue to overlook the value in establishing a strong social media presence.

At first introduction, Facebook and Twitter baffled many, and so it was not surprising that many people were not taking full advantage of these marketing tools. As time has passed, however, their use and value has become clear in establishing and building brand trust and brand presence, as well as in driving website traffic. Establishing trust with a customer base is imperative and social media offers a way for companies to easily communicate with their potential customers, as little or as often as they’d like, and at a low cost. These interactions help to build and strengthen the relationship between the brand and customers, ultimately solidifying their online brand presence and giving consumers the confidence to invest in the brand.

Google and other leading search engines across the globe are taking content generated through social media very seriously. Google has updated its algorithm in recent years to include content from social media in its search results. Clear as day, this means that a businesses social media presence can directly impact how relevant they are online. It is more important than ever for businesses to post consistently on social media.

Current marketing industry research indicates that social media accounts for an excess of 30 percent of website referral traffic, offering evidence that creating and maintaining a strong social media presence also drives potential customers to become paying customers.

The biggest positive in using social media for marketing for small business owners is the fact social media marketing is extremely cost-effective. It offers small and mid-sized businesses an opportunity to reach customers in a direct way and inexpensively, essentially leveling the playing field for businesses who don’t have large marketing budgets.

We are no longer at a point in time where the concept of whether it is effective to add social media to a online marketing plan is a point of discussion, as internet marketing and social media are absolutely interconnected. Social media offers small and mid-sized businesses an opportunity to establish their online brand presence, interact with consumers directly, and strengthen their business as a whole. This is a wonderful thing.