Five Digital Marketing Ideas That Could Strengthen Your Brand’s Growth

Five Digital Marketing Ideas That Could Strengthen Your Brand’s Growth

As the close of the year approaches, it is time to start thinking about what has worked this year, in terms of marketing strategies, and what has not. It is time to think about how your marketing strategy will evolve in the coming year and consider ways to implement the modifications to your strategy.

Overall, we have seen many changes with regard to the digital space. We have seen the increased use of ephemeral content on Instagram, changes in Google AdWords, innovations in live streaming on Facebook and elsewhere, updates to algorithms, and an increased focus on unique, out-of-the-box content marketing. It may seem like a lot to stay on top of, but that is where we come in as we offer to handle all of your digital marketing tasks, allowing for you to focus on the every day operations of your business.

In the meantime, here are a few methods you may want to weave into your marketing campaign to improve your digital marketing strategy and engage with your customers on an increased level:

Live Streaming

Facebook launched their live streaming service, Facebook Live, and this has seen increased use. Twitter has also made live streaming easier by allowing you to stream directly from the Twitter app. Brainstorming ideas for content to come up with authentic messages to share live is a first step. Sharing demonstrations, how-tos, answering questions, and bringing your customers to events you are participating in are all ideas with potential.

Ephemeral Content

You may be wondering what this is… it is a post with a limited life on social media. For example, the Instagram Stories feature on Instagram, where you can post a story and it is only there for 24 hours then disappears. The goal of this is to show something spontaneous and not spend a lot of time with editing or preparing. This is something you would want to make use of if your customer base would be interested; otherwise it’s a waste of time. The focus is to reflect on the human qualities of your brand and give a live snapshot of an activity, such as staging a home for sale if you are a realtor.

New and Interesting Content

Content marketing has been important, but it is now critical to the growth of any brand. It is vital to invest in creating new, interesting content to make your brand stand out. Maintaining an active blog is an important part and a must. Personalizing the content, by collecting information about your customer base through analytics is the next step.

From a digital marketing outlook, there is a lot to look forward to in the next year. New features, functionalities and services are being introduced at lightning speed, which opens doors for the use of digital marketing to be used to engage with website visitors at an increased level. Our staff at WBN Marketing keeps up with all of the new possibilities and the potential for each in relation to your specific business. Contact us today and allow us to handle all of your digital marketing needs.