Ask an internet marketing agency: What can I do if my Google ranking drops?

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Ask an internet marketing agency: What can I do if my Google ranking drops?

In the modern world, when someone needs a product or service, they start their search online. Suffice to say, your website’s Google ranking can be worth its weight in gold. If your listing doesn’t appear in the top few slots of a search result (or your website isn’t listed until page 2 or 3), it may not be getting any views.

So what do you do, if your website has ranked well in the past, but your ranking has suddenly plunged?  Below are just a few of the steps you can take to repair it.

Ask an internet marketing agency to review your SEO best practices

Search engine optimization (SEO) best practices are constantly changing—and things that helped your website rank well in the past, can harm your ranking today.  For example, are you overusing your keywords? If so, this can ding your ranking. Most experts agree that you should use your primary keyword in your H1 heading, once within the first 200 words, and once every 500 words after that. Secondary keywords should be used as your H2 headings, and then once beneath each corresponding heading.

If you have questions about whether your current keyword strategy is up to snuff (or you’re interested in learning more about whether the keywords you’re using are still ranking well) call our office today for a free SEO report.

Your content is stale

If your website hasn’t been updated recently, this can also hurt your Google ranking. Are we suggesting you rewrite your content on a weekly or monthly basis? Heavens no. But we are suggesting that if you haven’t considered a blog, that you may want to start one. Adding a blog will provide you a dedicated space on your website to add new content. Not only can this help you maximize your keyword usage, it shows that the algorithms know your website (and your business) are still active.

Remember- you’ll want to add content that’s relevant to your business. For example, if you own a bakery, you can steer clear of blogs about the local little league tournament. Instead,  focus on blogs about pastries, wedding cakes, and which desserts pair best with different coffees.

In closing

Getting a website to rank well is a fine science. If your ranking has recently plunged or you’d like information about how you can get your website to rank better, we’re here to help. Call WBN Marketing today to speak with an expert.