Ask an internet marketing agency: Why do SEO trends change?

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Ask an internet marketing agency: Why do SEO trends change?

Trends are constantly changing.  For example, were you among the millions of Americans who owned a pair of Z Cavaricci jeans in the early 90s?  Were you just dying to get your hands on a hyper-color t-shirt? Would you wear either of those things today?

Probably not.

Trends in search engine optimization (SEO) undergo similar changes. Things that were popular (and worked well) 10 years ago are in many cases, out of date and out of style.

For example, one business owner we spoke with said that in late 2009 / early 2010, he decided to launch numerous websites to promote his online business. Each one was geo-specific, and at a glance, it appeared as if his company had multiple storefronts. He also invested heavily in SEO optimization, which, back then, included an enormous amount of keyword stuffing. His company’s target keywords appeared everywhere on his websites, and in some cases, they’d appear numerous times in the same sentence.

This strategy worked well for a while. His web traffic numbers were fantastic and his conversion rates were often envied.  A few months later, he said, Google decided to update their algorithm. Instead of rewarding websites that were keyword heavy, the latest update now penalized them. Not only did this destroy his SEO ranking, he was told that all of his web content would need to be rewritten.

Internet marketing experts agree that the reason behind the algorithm changes, is that the search engines want to reward websites that have the best, most relevant, and most authoritative content. Websites with high-quality content get boosted, while those who have low-quality content (and low-quality website design), get penalized.

And, whereas in the early days of algorithm updates, Google made a small handful of changes, today, thousands of changes are made each year. (Trust us- it’s a lot to keep up with.)

How a digital marketing agency can help

If you’ve found you’re spending too much time trying to figure out how algorithm updates work and you’d rather get back to doing what you do best (i.e., running your business), we can help. The experts at WBN Marketing have decades of combined experience in helping companies manage their digital marketing strategy.

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