Best Practices for Content Writing

Best Practices for Content Writing

Relevance, quality and quantity reign in content writing and getting your website discovered in the top spots of search results will take an investment of time and effort in staying on top of trends to retain relevance and quality. Until just a few years ago, keywords were the number one factor that influenced the hierarchy of content in web searches. However, queries have become more intricate and relevance of content has become one of the most important factors determining how your content will be ranked in search results. Other factors that are extremely important with regard to content writing are a higher demand for video content and social media activity.

Producing content on an almost daily basis is a start, but if you are not producing quality content, the latest browser search algorithms will rate your content as irrelevant. Visual content is also heavily encouraged. Quality content undoubtedly takes more of a time investment, so if you have to choose between quality and quantity, opt for the investment in quality, as a weekly post that is high quality will bring more benefits that a high number of low quality posts.

There are many ways to create unique content. Just a few methods include: videos, blogs, e-books, infographics and email newsletters. Email marketing is a big factor in helping audiences to remain engaged and invested in your content. Blogs are a great way to distribute content on a regular basis and give you an avenue to create engaging unique content.

The demand for video content has helped to make the Internet more engaging and has become one of the most popular practices for content marketing. Usually shared over social media outlets, video content almost always garners more weight in search rankings, especially when linked back to a business website.

Industry research indicates that time on social media represents approximately 90 percent of the time spent on the internet by the average individual. This statistic is proof-positive of social media’s heavy influence on internet marketing and the fact that it is important for businesses to establish and maintain a strong presence on social media to stay relevant. While traditional practices still work in helping to get your website found, a strong marketing strategy that includes social media strategy is needed to help distribute your content.

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