Top Marketing Tool for Attracting Website Traffic is Blogging

Top Marketing Tool for Attracting Website Traffic is Blogging

There are two ways to draw traffic to a website: either you purchase the traffic or you organically attract it. Buying the traffic translates into paid advertising; pay-per-click, display, mobile or native. Attracting or drawing the traffic translates into creating content and optimizing it, improving upon the performance of the site, finding and using good inbound links, and more. According to market studies and reports, however, the most effective of all traffic-generating tools is blogging.

Blogging about any topic related to the website alone is not sufficient – optimizing the content, diligently working on the company’s social media presence, participating in careful link building, and writing guest posts on blogs with higher profiles to link back to yours are all important.

HubSpot, an inbound marketing and sales software company, recently reviewed the blogging frequency and website traffic of its 13,500-plus customers to identify what specific aspects attract the highest number of visitors to the sites. 54 percent of companies say they publish a blog post once per week or less, according to a 2016 Orbit Media blogging study. The Orbit survey also shows that it takes approximately two-and-a-half hours to write a blog of 800 words. HubSpot found the biggest traffic patterns at companies that published more than 11 posts per month, although companies that published 5-10 blog posts per month also saw noticeable results.

One bit of advice that HubSpot offers is that companies do not start to post weaker content, simply for the sake of getting more content up on their sites. “You’ve got to be delivering value to your audience or they won’t bother to read your blog,” says columnist Brian Sutter with

To increase blog-posting frequency, suggests some ideas aside from writing completely new content:

  • Republish or update older posts that still remain relevant
  • Convert an already published post into another format, such as a video, quiz or infographic

Another way to keep visitors interested and returning is to post “series” posts, where portions of the post are divided over a number of days.

Despite the strong weight put on blogging for its effectiveness in driving website traffic, it is important to spread the focus beyond blogging, and also be careful to keep the pages of the website search engine optimized, incorporate link building in your website traffic strategy, and have a mobile-friendly site.