Choosing the Right Keyword | SEO Services in Florida

Choosing the Right Keyword | SEO Services in Florida

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the basic pillars of good online marketing. Without it, your website will be like a business located in the desert, with no billboards to attract attention and no roads to bring people to it. It’ll get no business and waste away.

You obviously don’t want that, which is why you use SEO services in Florida.

Part of using SEO services in Florida is getting the right keyword for your campaign. You’ll need at least one, solid keyword – but what makes for a solid keyword and how can you find it?

What Makes for a Good Keyword

A good keyword – one that you’ll want to use in your campaign – has a few characteristics. It is:

  • Relevant: It has to relate to what you actually do, i.e. the goods/services you provide
  • Popular: Enough people have to search for it in order for it to be effective. A keyword that isn’t used very much isn’t very useful
  • Not Too Competitive: Keywords that are ultra-competitive are usually very difficult to rank for
  • Specific: For the above reason, you don’t want keywords that are too broad. “SEO”, for example, is too broad. “SEO services Florida” is a much better keyword

How to Find the Right Keyword

Ideally, your SEO provider will help you find the right keywords. But if you want to find the right keyword yourself, you can use the free Google AdWords Keyword Planner to conduct basic research.

Keyword Planner will show you how much traffic (estimated) a keyword receives per month. It’s a broad number and isn’t intended to be completely accurate, but it gives you a good idea.

It also allows you to type in a word or phrase and find suggestions for keywords for that phrase. This is easily one of the best uses for this tool.

For example, if we put in “online marketing” and limit the audience to just searchers in Florida, we find that 480 people look up this keyword per month. Competition is “high”, and the estimated cost-per-click (CPC) is $16.23. This suggests that a lot of people are trying to compete for this particular phrase.

If I make it more specific, and say “online marketing Miami”, there are 50 people who search, at a CPC of $10.77. It’s still relevant and popular enough, but it’s not too competitive.

Usually, you can make a keyword better by making it longer. This lowers the competition and increases the relevance, even if it does reduce the number of people who search for it. The ones you get from the search, though, will be more relevant, and it’s easier to rank for that phrase.

Consult with your SEO provider to learn more advanced ways to select the right keyword.