Content Distribution in Marketing Strategy

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Content Distribution in Marketing Strategy

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Marketers are constantly looking for new ways to improve upon current strategies. Daily research regarding trends and marketing tools, to stay up to speed with new methods, is key. The latest research indicates that close to 80 percent of marketers note that improved content creation has resulted in success. Content creation is one step in the right direction; but that content has to also be properly and sufficiently distributed in order to really reap the rewards of the content that has been created.

If you are simply posting content to your site, then sharing to social media and maybe an occasional newsletter, there is a lot more you can do to elevate your approach and take your content distribution to the next level. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind:

  1. Guest posts. Do some research into various publications you think your target audience would read and write some original content for those publications. This is a great way to get your name (and the name of your company/business) in the path of your target audience.
  2. Get the most out of your internal content. Share the location of your content with everyone that works within your company and direct new clients or potential clients to the content to show them examples of past projects, explanations of processes you may have published on your site, etc. This act builds trust and shows your audience that you are in tune with their needs and interests.
  3. Optimize and Share. Optimize your content for web search and use social media to share it. Make sure you create unique and solid content that brings something of value to your target audience and find out which social media platforms your target audience is most likely to use, so that you can be sure to share to those platforms.

For many marketing strategies, distributing content is the missing link needed to ensure the success of their strategy. Without a plan to fully distribute all the content that so much time and effort has been put into creating, there is a missed opportunity there for marketing and ultimate success.