Creating Infographics for Your Business | Naples Marketing

Creating Infographics for Your Business | Naples Marketing

Every Naples marketing campaign needs something exciting and stimulating to tickle the senses.

For many, that means using a great tool that has been a bit overlooked these days: infographics.

Infographics were all the rage a few years ago, but interest in them has cooled a bit. We don’t see a reason for this, since infographics are awesome and people still love to look at them. Plus, they’re so easy to share on social media and through email that you should definitely use them if you can.

But how do you create them?

Hire a Graphic Designer

This is the most obvious choice to many business owners who are used to hiring contractors and freelancers to do their work.

Of course, hiring a graphic designer to handle an infographic can get pricey. The alternative to that: go to a website like and post a project. You’ll instantly get tons of responses from people who would love to create your infographic for below-market rates.

You can also try They have thousands of designers to choose from.

Create One Yourself

If you don’t want to pay anyone to do it, and would rather do it yourself, that’s fine – modern-day technology totally has you covered.

One of the more popular do-it-yourself infographic websites out there is You can choose either the free version, with tons of templates and graphics, or the paid version, with even more templates and graphics plus the upside of not having a logo or watermark on your images. is another popular website that gives you plenty of tools to create custom infographics from scratch or from templates. You can also create handy charts for business presentations.

Infographics are great additions to your Naples marketing campaign. Think about making one (or two); just know that after your first one, you won’t want to stop making them and will probably wind up making more. But that’s okay – it’s marketing!