Creating the Perfect Infographic | Southwest Florida Marketing

Creating the Perfect Infographic | Southwest Florida Marketing

Want to really do some great Southwest Florida marketing? If so, you may need an infographic!

Infographics are great. Why? Simply put, people respond to them. As reported by, infographics result in 45 percent more clicks, and 30 percent of those viewers will forward the link and infographic even if they find the info pointless. had a really informative article on creating strong infographics ( you can view the entire article here ). We’d like to highlight a couple of main points they make and tell you how you can use this info to create a perfect infographic.

Explain Numbers Visually

All phenomenal infographics have several things in common. One thing they all do well is explain numbers visually.

Take this infographic from UPS. Note how the numbers are paired with images. They’re not just throwing numbers at you; they’re providing images to give you crucial context – and at times even using images to visually represent numbers (as they did with the 130 aircraft produced daily).


Break Your Infographic Into Sections

Strong infographics are also well-organized. The best infographics are organized into sections. You have to do this so you break up the content into manageable chunks, so the flood of info doesn’t overwhelm the reader.

Check out this infographic from Kentico. It is neatly organized into sections, separated by dividers, to give you an easy way to progress from each section to the next.


Tell a Story

Your business may have lots of statistics and facts to share, but simply throwing facts and stats onto a page doesn’t work. You’ll have to tie them into a narrative. The best way to do this is to organize them in a way that makes logical sense.

One popular way is to start big and get smaller as you go. Start with the big picture premise, and then make points that are increasingly more specific as you go down the page.

Imagine you’re telling a brand story about your business or about a specific topic. Every good story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. It has a clear theme and clear plot points. And events – in this case, information – flows logically and sensibly from point to point.

If you need help with your Southwest Florida marketing – whether it is with infographics or anything else – let us know!