Do Blogs Really Help SEO ratings

Do Blogs Really Help SEO ratings

At WBN Marketing, our clients often ask about ways they can boost their website’s SEO ranking. Although our answers tend to vary from time to time (the search engine algorithm is constantly changing, which means what works great today may not help, at all, six months from now), there is one thing that has remained standard.

Websites can’t be stale. What this means, is that websites need to be updated constantly.

If you own an Italian restaurant and you paid big bucks for a website, but you haven’t updated it in you-can’t-remember-how-long, the search engines will see it as being stale.

If your competitor down the street also has a website (which, by all accounts, isn’t half as good as yours), but they’ve made a point to add new content on a regular basis, it’s likely to rank better than yours.

How to add content without going overboard

When it comes to content updates, you’ll want to keep it simple. We’re not suggesting you add another 50 pages; your website would turn into a visual mess. However, when you add a blog, you’ll be able to add what you need to keep the search engine crawlers happy, without overwhelming the eyes of your visitors.

Starting out

First, you’ll want to identify keywords and keyword phrases that can be incorporated into the text updates, that will help you rank more favorably.