Element of Surprise Can Boost Social Media Engagement

Element of Surprise Can Boost Social Media Engagement

If you have been working with social media marketing to boost social media engagement, you may have already discovered your favorite strategies, such as using a particular platform or a tool that minimizes efforts and saves time, or a posting time or rhythm that seems to garnish more attention than other times or rhythms. All of these things are helpful, but the element of surprise trumps all strategies.

Just like storytelling (when done well) can be an advantage in engaging your target audience, the element of surprise taps into an emotional factor that can boost your social media marketing campaign’s effectiveness.

As Jayson DeMers writes for Forbes.com, “It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that surprise, as an emotion, functions as a psychological amplifier.” DeMers adds, “Emotional intensity is valuable for anything you’re trying to accomplish; whatever your goals are for your target audience, more intense is better. If you want them to feel sad, make them feel depressed. If you want them to laugh, cripple them with laughter.”

Surprise releases feel-good chemical dopamine in the brain and is associated with the forming of bonds, so experiencing this when engaging with a particular brand or business can help solidify a “bond” between a brand/business and their customers/audiences.

Also, unique experiences, such as things that take you by surprise, are easier to remember than monotonous, predictable messages. People who experience surprise are more likely to share their experience with others, which makes it a brilliant tool to take your campaign to new levels of social media engagement.

Suggestions for “surprise” could include offering your audience new and useful information they may have not heard before, doing something that is unexpected for your brand, or adding an element of surprise to something that is usual for your brand, such as a surprise ending to a video you post.