Getting More Organic Reach with Social Media Marketing

Getting More Organic Reach with Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is powerful, but over the past few years, it’s become more of an advertising platform than how it was originally intended.

Years ago, you could get pretty good reach without paying for it. Each post you made had decent organic reach (i.e. non-paid exposure). You could post something and have a good percentage of your followers see it. Then, they’d like, comment, share, retweet, etc. and their followers would see it.

These days, though, organic reach isn’t what it used to be. The typical reach for a post on Facebook is 1-3%, on average (although if something “goes viral” it can be much higher).

How can you improve your organic reach through social media marketing?

Experiment With Your Posts

There are some things you can do to tinker with the posts themselves and how you post them that can get the most out of your organic reach.

For example, try posting at different times and see which one works best. Additionally, use different forms of content. For most of us, that means posting pictures or videos. Each of these can be tested further; for example, a short video may work better for you than a long one.

Change up your caption lengths to see how people react and look for what posts got the most attention. Then, replicate those posts as closely as possible in terms of form.

Increase Your Content Quality

Content is king, and how you create content will determine organic reach.

You’ll need to give people a reason to like, click, share, comment, pin, or retweet your content. Try playing on their emotions, tying your content to current events, asking for peoples’ opinions, sharing data, giving unique insights, and talking about what your customers talk about – not what you think is important.

High-quality content takes time and it takes insight into your customers and what they feel is of interest to them – what impacts their lives. Brands too often just talk about themselves. Social media is a place to have conversations that pique interest.

To increase organic reach through social media marketing, it’s important to both experiment with your posts and fine-tune your content so that you’re discussing what really matters to your target audience. Do this and you’ll be more likely to have more of your followers see your content – and that’s the point of social.