How to Marry Traditional and Digital Marketing

How to Marry Traditional and Digital Marketing

The importance of digital marketing is only increasing, seemingly by the day. Consumers are spending more time online, not only researching and trying to find new products, but also shopping for and buying those products. Year after year, we are moving farther and farther away from traditional print media, and we need to be spending more and more on digital marketing strategies. But, do we really need to leave our beloved “old school” marketing strategies behind? The short answer: No. There are simple ways to take traditional media and digital strategies and marry them to create productive, successful marketing campaigns that impact consumers and can make money for your company.

Digital marketing is known for being active, with traditional being more passive. A digital marketing campaign can be interactive by the moment with a product’s consumers. The personal touch is key. Traditional marketing places the product in front of the consumers, but it’s not guaranteed to have that interactive moment. A great way to marry the two is to use the traditional media to encourage consumers to visit social media and web pages, whether it’s taking photos with the product and using a hashtag or sharing something personal about the product. This allows consumers to become an active part of the campaign by using what’s normally considered to be a passive piece of material.

Digital marketing in this way is more personal, and traditional less so. To make traditional more personal, use the traditional materials to guide consumers to your media pages, where you show consumers DIY projects, recipes, or even outfit ideas with the clothing they’re thinking of purchasing. This gives consumers the personal experience they crave, and it makes them feel like they are a part of the experience you are creating. They need to feel as though they are a part of the culture you are creating with your brand – the traditional media needs to stand out to them in this way.

Use both channels, because one without the other is like trying to walk with just one leg. The best companies know that they are simply more likely to reach more potential consumers if they use their time and money on both digital and traditional media. Your reach grows and expands every time you try something new.

Marrying digital and print media is the easiest way to find new consumers, and to retain them for longer periods of time. Not only are you creating a culture around your brand or product, but you are also increasing your reach to find more potential clients or consumers. This is a simple strategy with massive potential gains for your company.