Is Google+ Dead? | Naples Social Media

Is Google+ Dead? | Naples Social Media

If you have a Naples social media campaign, you may have been using Google+ in some capacity. Many business owners either don’t use Google+ or have one, but aren’t really sure what it’s for.

This is understandable; Google+ has been in a weird limbo ever since it was launched. People expected it to be like Facebook, but while it had some similarities, it also had many differences. Google+ has occupied a weird middle ground between sites like Facebook and sites like Twitter, and has struggled to carve out its own identity and a large, dedicated following like its competitors – which has led many to wonder if Google+ is dying, or actually dead.

This talk intensified with the announcement this month by Google that the company will effectively kill Google+ as we know it – and break up several components into their own separate products.

Specifically, the company will break the service into “Photos” and “Streams”, leaving the rest – such as the platform’s Hangouts chat service – with an uncertain future.

The platform’s brand is also up in the air. It’s likely that it’ll continue on in some respects; we don’t anticipate that the Google+ name will completely go away. It’s just that the platform we know (and occasionally use) will be transformed into multiple smaller pieces, each with a specific function.

What does this mean for your Naples social media campaign?

If you didn’t use Google+ before, you probably won’t have an incentive to use it now. But if you did use Google+ – mainly to take advantage of SEO features – it’s unclear whether or not you’ll still be able to do that. Will we still be able to post messages and add customers to our circles? We’re not sure.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens with Google+ in the coming months as the powers that be at Google put it on the chopping block.