Marketing Your Business in Southwest Florida – The BEST Marketing Tips

Marketing Your Business in Southwest Florida – The BEST Marketing Tips

People ask me all the time what are the best marketing tips I can give them. Obviously, I cannot sum up 20+ years of experience in a blog posting. However, I can give you my thoughts about what is happening now and what you should be focusing on.  

1. Forget everything you learned from college Marketing 101 and Mad Men episodes!

What worked “yesterday” does NOT work today. For the cost of a print advertisement that may reach some people, you can advertise itself to millions online in a few hours for just pennies.

2. Learn how to use content to market your business!

Providing value added, relevant content is the key to getting customer and/or clients. I know you’ve heard the term before, but here’s how it works. This is where I will quote Jim Connelly’s blog because he hits the nail on the head and I really cannot explain it better!

 You build and market a website and fill it with FREE information that has real value to your prospective clients, whilst offering them the opportunity to purchase goods, services (or both), which are closely linked to the information you give away.

I answer by explaining that there are 3 groups of people (in general), who will read your Content Marketing; blog posts, newsletters and social networking updates etc.

These are:

The first group is small. They are what I call serial freebie seekers. These people never ever pay for professional help.  They were never prospective clients, so you lose nothing.

The second group is the largest.  These people will try and do something themselves, but will hire professional help if they are not getting the results they need.  They value genuine expertise.

The third group is the smallest. These are the rare people, who value their time and also ‘get’ that by hiring an expert to do something correctly for them, it works out a lot less expensive, the results are better and things happen faster.


In short: No one in the first group was going to spend a dime with you anyway. You lost nothing by giving them free information.  Some of the people in the second group will use your information and have a go at doing the job for themselves, whilst others in the group will see that they need expert help, and some of those people will hire you.  With the third group, if you demonstrate through your Content Marketing that you truly are an expert in your field, you become massively more likely to get a call from them when they need help.  They already know all about you and your work.  They trust you.”

3. Start using email marketing NOW!

I’ve been telling my clients for some time now that they need to develop an email campaign strategy.  It’s cost effective and provides predictable results for little cost!

I strongly recommend that you build your own email database, rather than buy one. Never just add people to your email list. You need permission; otherwise they will regard your emails as spam and mark you emails as spam, eventually blacklisting you.   Add an email sign-up box on your website. This needs to be easy to read and positioned in an uncluttered area of your site, which everyone will see.  If you are asking people to subscribe to your newsletter, offer them something of genuine value, in return for joining your subscriber list, like an eBook.  I also recommend you only send one email message every 7 to 14 days.  Also, ask your readers to forward your emails on to their contacts.  If the content is good enough, they will.

4. Take your website seriously!

If your website is nice and optimizes by an SEO expert, it will be a lead generating machine! When a website is professionally optimized, it’s like moving a little shop from a dirt road in the middle of nowhere and relocating it to the center of everything down Main Street! Be aware that there is an investment in SEO; don’t expect to get results from investing anything under $500 a month for SEO. Be suspicious of anyone selling effective SEO for under that bare minimum investment.

5. Research your competitors

It’s impossible to effectively sell or market your services unless you have researched your competitors. You need to know what offers, guarantees, prices or fees you are selling against, in order to make YOUR offering the most attractive to potential clients.

6.  Don’t mistake movement for progress. Again, here I will quote Jim Connelly:

“I have worked with thousands of businesspeople and found something amazing. The owners of underperforming businesses almost always work just as hard, and sometimes even harder, than the owners of successful ones. At first glance, this doesn’t seem to make sense – until you dig a little deeper and realize that the reason their hard work is getting them nowhere, is that they mistake movement for progress.

In other words, they work hard and put in an insane number of hours, doing the wrong things!  A well written advertisement, placed in the wrong section of the wrong publication will still fail – no matter how hard you work at it. They think that the harder they work, the more successful they will be; as if rowing a boat with all your strength in the wrong direction, will still magically get you to the right destination.

If you find yourself working hard on your marketing and NOT getting the sales results you want, STOP!  Make sure you are doing the right things; then ensure you are doing them correctly”

Lastly, get help if you cannot effectively make your marketing work!  Need help? Contact me at 239-919-0933 or [email protected]

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