Naples Marketing and More: One Simple Step to Grow Your LinkedIn Network

Naples Marketing and More: One Simple Step to Grow Your LinkedIn Network

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From Mashable: One Simple Step to Grow Your LinkedIn Network

LinkedIn is not only one of the fastest-growing social networks in the world today; it is also the premier professional networking service for people who want to expand their connections and grow their business.

Mashable has a great article about one very simple step that people can use to grow their LinkedIn network and add more connections – create a personal message and be personable.

It’s all about standing out. When you seek to add a personal touch to your requests to connect, you are doing something the vast majority of LinkedIn users don’t.  This means you can stand out and be different.

Think about the requests you’ve received yourself. I’ll bet they had the same standard message: “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.”

If you take the time to stand out – by sending a personalized message – you’ll be ahead.

What should you say? Maybe you’ve read something recently that they wrote. Mention that. Or, maybe you had a conversation with them at a conference or seminar. Maybe you bumped into them at a party. Or, maybe you just know someone they know.

Be personable and polite. Those qualities go a long way in helping people feel comfortable with you enough to connect with you on LinkedIn. And once you connect with them, they are in your network – which means they can be more easily reached through your LinkedIn contact strategy.

Check out the article for more help about how you can enhance your LinkedIn presence. Here is the link!

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