Online Marketing: Why Your Content On Your Home Page Has To Stay Fresh

Online Marketing: Why Your Content On Your Home Page Has To Stay Fresh

When you want to get your business’s name at the top of search engine rankings, there’s a lot you have to do.  It’s worth it, of course; those top placements mean more revenue and website traffic for you.  Still, there are essential things that you must do to make it happen to be successful with our online marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts.

Keeping your website updated with fresh content is one of them.

Gone are the days where you can spend a month or two hashing out your website content, load it to your site and then leave it.  Now, you have to consistently produce fresh content to keep your spot on the organic search rankings, let alone move up.

Why Fresh Content Is So Important

Google wants its users to trust it for the best, most relevant search results on earth.  To make this happen, Google wants to reward websites who put in work to create unique, interesting, and engaging content on a regular basis.  A website that no longer does that – no longer creates and distributes something of interest – is not as useful to Google or its users.

People crave content.  They want things to read, watch, or listen to – and they go to websites that give them that steady supply. Without a steady supply of your own, you can’t keep up.

The Importance of the Home Page

Arguably, the most important page on your website is the home page. This is the main front for your site – the page that has the most value to your search engine rankings as well as your customers.

As a result, you need to make sure that your home page is continually updated with fresh content. You need Google to see that your home page – and thus, your entire site – has new things to click, watch, or read.  Even if the content is hosted elsewhere on the site, put a mention or link to it on the home page to keep that vital area fresh.

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