Online Video: Easy Tips for Making a Great Video for Video Content Marketing

Online Video: Easy Tips for Making a Great Video for Video Content Marketing

When it comes to internet marketing, content is king. And when it comes to content, video is one of the strongest claimants to the throne.  All tools are important in their own ways, of course, but video is special.  It communicates a wealth of information in a direct and entertaining way that attracts attention before virtually any other piece of content.  If you can harness video for your content marketing strategy, you’ll be well ahead of the game – and it’s easier than you think, too.

Be Concise: You Don’t Have to Be Spielberg

Videos for content marketing don’t have to be epic pieces worthy of Oscar buzz.  They don’t have to be long, rambling epics, either.  It pays to be concise and simple.  Videos that are less than a minute long are great because people have less time than ever before to peruse them.  They want short, snappy, brief pieces that deliver a message with impact.

Low-Tech Is Not Bad

You also don’t have to spend hundreds – if not thousands – on mixing software, fancy equipment, and other “necessities”. Granted, you don’t want poor quality that is distracting, so investing in a microphone, a basic lighting rig, and an entry-level editing software piece isn’t bad if you plan on making videos on a regular basis. But you’d be surprised how well people respond to simple videos – even those taken on an iPhone with Vine or Instagram. Don’t stress about competing with the big boys. Just get your message on film.

Get Close(r)

When shooting video, you don’t have to have fancy camera angles or anything like that. What you do need to do, though, is take care of one basic thing: making sure you fill a frame the right way. Too many web videos don’t frame the speaker or subject the right way.  Web videos are small; to compensate, shoot close-ups of your subjects.  A speaker at a conference table filmed from the middle of the room isn’t nearly impactful as a speaker talking directly into the camera that is in on the person’s upper torso and face.

These basic tips can get you started with producing videos.  It’s really not about knowing all the technical, all-star details; it’s about learning the basic concepts and then getting out there to do it.

If you want a really unique way to jumpstart your video content library, try whiteboard animation. Not only are these videos entertaining and keep your viewer’s attention, but they also are very cost-effective!