SEO Backlinks: What They Are and Why They’re Important

SEO Backlinks: What They Are and Why They’re Important

If you want to improve your website ranking you likely know that SEO can help you achieve that. You may have heard about the benefits of having Yelp or Google+ pages and you may even understand the importance of adding a blog to your website.

And while some components of good SEO make sense to the average person, other concepts, like the importance of SEO backlinks, might not be immediately clear.

What is a backlink?

Simply stated, a backlink is an incoming link to a particular web page.

If you’re someone who reads digital copies of a local or national news publication you’ve likely noticed that the article you’re reading often links to a related article within that website. Depending on the scope of the story, it may even link to a similar news article that was posted on a competing publication.

When lots of websites have post links that point back to your company, the search engines see this as a positive. Not only does this help to establish you as an authority in your field, it will also increase your webpage ranking.

Internal links (ie: links on one page of your website that point to other pages) on your website are good, but external sources that point to your website are better.

Quality backlinks are important

If you own a bakery but for whatever reasons, you’re creating backlinks that come from bait and tackle websites, this isn’t going to do you any favors. Backlinks should come from relevant and authoritative websites. For the current example, this may include backlinks from party planners, food bloggers and other types of culinary websites.

Blogs are a great way to get quality backlinks

If your website doesn’t currently have a blog, you may want to consider adding one sooner than later. When you start the blog, you’ll want to make sure you’re creating high-quality content.

If your blog is ridden with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors you’re going to have a hard time getting backlinks. Remember- blogging is about more than simply throwing words up on your website.

SEO experts

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