Southwest Florida Marketing: Does Social Media Work?

Southwest Florida Marketing: Does Social Media Work?

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Does Social Media Actually Work?

Social media is one of the biggest activities to come out of the Internet Age in the past decade or so with the advent of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, easy-to-use blogging platforms like WordPress, and other channels.

Indeed, it’s hard to imagine a business that doesn’t or can’t use social media.

But, one question that every business owner must aske him/herself before joining the marketing bandwagon that is social media is this: does it actually work?

Match Your Methods to Your Goals

While I could very easily say, “Yes, it works!” it is better and more accurate to explain how it can work if it is aligned with your goals.

That is one way to say that social media isn’t automatically for everyone.  Like any other marketing method, social media works only if it fits your business, your target audience, and your company’s goals.

For example, if you know that your target audience doesn’t really have a solid presence online, focusing too much on social media is probably a waste of resources.

But, with today’s increasing emphasis on technological advancement and the Internet, more and more people are communicating online. For  example, social media usage grew by 24.3% on PCs (and an astounding 64% on mobile) in 2012.

People continue to flock to social media – and it shows.

What Social Media Actually Does

If you decide social media fits, how do you use it? In other words, that does social media actually do?

Social media is social.  First and foremost, it lets you actually talk with your customers. And if a customer is talking to you regularly, they are far more likely to stay a customer.  (Also, if a prospective customer is talking to you, well, you can fill in the rest!)

Social media also lets you learn more about your customers – their needs, wants, and desires when it comes to your products or services. You can monitor the Internet and follow trends as they happen in real time.

Finally, social media gives you a chance to offer stellar, responsive customer service to your customers.

Reach, learning, and service – this is what social media offers.

And if that is what you are looking for, then yes – social media works!

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