The Importance of Good Copywriting in Florida Web Design

The Importance of Good Copywriting in Florida Web Design

Florida web design is essential – it opens up a digital portal for your business that customers can use to find you.

Of course, not all websites are created equal. Some stand out better than the rest and give their owners above-average performance. Those websites all have several things in common, including something you may not think is that important: the writing.

Good copywriting is essential to the success of any website. You simply can’t have a great website without great content. But how you create the content is the difference maker between good and bad, between acceptable and great.

Here are a few tips on creating content that people will actually read for your Florida web design project.

People Don’t Read – They Skim

Know that people don’t read websites and web content like they read a book. They don’t have time to read every word – and wouldn’t even if they did have time.

People skim. They try to get as much information with as little time spent reading it as possible. They’re looking for big ideas and a few supporting details before they go on their merry way, so the way you organize your content matters.

To that end…

Write In Small Paragraphs

One of the worst things you can do is fill up a page with the dreaded Wall of Text. That’s one large, unbroken paragraph crammed with words that most people will never read.

The solution is to break up your copy into small, digestible paragraphs. Notice how we’ve done that in this blog post. Each paragraph is only 2-3 sentences long, which means they’re easy to skim.

Use Sub-Headers

Sub-headers are the bolded pieces of text that stand alone on this page. They direct attention to themselves so you can move down the page rapidly and figure out what each paragraph is about. You should write them so that a reader can get a general idea of what the content is about just by reading the sub-headers.

Bold Words and Phrases as Necessary

You can also draw attention to the most important pieces of information in your content by bolding key phrases. (You can also make them larger and a different color; both work just as well.)

Bolded, emphasized phrases attract instant attention. They demand that the viewer see them. Thus, you want to use them sparingly and reserve them for your most important language on the page.

There are a million other things we could say about what makes for good copywriting for Florida web design. Check back later for more tips on filling your pages with great writing that results in customers sticking around.