A Key to Boosting Your Search Traffic

A Key to Boosting Your Search Traffic

If you have an online business or a website for your offline business, a key goal that should have your focus is in generating more online search traffic for your business.  Survey after survey is increasingly showing that blogging is the number one key to boosting your search traffic.

“It’s not necessarily the most popular tactic among small businesses,” writes Forbes columnist Brian Sutter, in referencing the WASP Barcode 2017 “State of Small Business Report.”

According to the 2017 Small Business Survey, the most effective ways to draw in more search traffic are:

  • 56 percent website
  • 5o percent email
  • 48 percent social media
  • 48 percent word of mouth/referrals
  • 37 percent printed promotional materials
  • 34 percent internet advertising
  • 33 percent direct mail


Blogging is close to the bottom of the listed activities that small business say they take part in, at 18 percent, down from 22 percent on the 2016 survey.

Research presented by Hubspot shows a direct tie between a higher number of blog posts a company publishes and a higher number of traffic to their site.  Companies are encouraged to post 11 to 15 posts per month to see a dramatic increase in traffic, according to the 2016 Orbit media blogging study.

You may not have time to blog that much, but you can republish old posts after updating them and you can employ the services of a company that focuses on blogging services for businesses.

Other recommendations are to convert posts into at least one other format, such as a short video, or make others into infographics, checklists, or quizzes.

While blogging can help you to see more search results, applying page search engine optimization (SEO) is necessary, as well as link-building, ensuring your site is mobile-friendly, and posting to social media.