Three Critical Questions to Ask About Your Online Ads

Three Critical Questions to Ask About Your Online Ads

Questions to Ask About Your Online Ads

Advertisements are important for virtually any business out there.  Few outreach methods can reach more viewers in a short amount of time than advertising. Think of how many people see a commercial during the Super Bowl. Even at a local level, a television spot can still reach thousands in just thirty seconds of airtime.

The same goes for internet ads, radio spots, billboards, print ads, and other forms.  But, when using advertisements – especially on the internet – you have to ask yourselves three critical questions to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Is My Ad Targeting the Right Audience?

Your outreach efforts are almost useless if they’re hitting the wrong audience.

For example, if you’re an auto repair shop but your ads are appearing on websites targeted to teenagers, you’re probably not hitting your ideal audience.

One way to tell if you are is to look at your metrics. How many viewers are actually clicking through to your website? If the number is far too low, there’s a chance that your ad isn’t targeting the right audience.

Are Your Ads Properly Qualifying Your Prospects?

Ads also have to direct the right members of your target audience to your site. A divorce attorney may target, say, women aged 24-50, but if these women are single and not married, these prospects aren’t really qualified.

In other words, they’re not likely to take advantage of your offer and turn into a conversion.

An ad does a good job of qualifying prospects if the conversion rate is high. If the conversion rate is low, you’re in the right ballpark but still not pushing the right buttons.

Are You Running Too Many Ads – or Too Few?

Finally, ask yourself if you aren’t running enough ads – or are being inefficient by running too many.

If you’re not getting the right return on investment because you aren’t attracting enough prospects, you could be running too few ads to get proper coverage. This is very common on Facebook. Running a Facebook ad for just a couple of days probably isn’t going to do much to sustain your efforts.

But running too many ads can make you waste your money. One way to find out is to compare your impressions and site visits before you start the ad campaigns to what you get afterward. If the number of gained impressions per ad seems too low, it probably is.

Think about these questions when you’re conducting or planning an online ad campaign and you’ll be in better shape for better ROI.

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