Three Tips for Using Social Media with Ft Myers Marketing

Three Tips for Using Social Media with Ft Myers Marketing


If you’re a business in Southwest Florida and are thinking of ways to expand your Naples, Cape Coral, or Ft Myers marketing, social media may be a possibility.

More and more brands are taking to social media to spread their messages and promote themselves and their products. Social media platforms, from Facebook to Twitter and Instagram and beyond, are ways to expand your word-of-mouth marketing efforts.

Here are three tips to help.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Humor

Humor is always helpful when it comes to building a network. People like to laugh, and being humorous can help build a following.

One brand that is very good at incorporating humor into social media is Old Spice. They have a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor and regularly interact with other brands. Here are other examples of brands that use humor in social media.

Be Interactive

Another tip is to be interactive.

Find ways to engage with your customers. You can ask questions, host surveys, hold contests, and more. One brand that is very good at interacting with customers is Oreo. They hold contests where people create their own unique Oreo snack and share the results through Facebook and Twitter. Check out Oreo’s Twitter feed for great examples of engagement.

Expand What You Can Talk About

One big challenge with social media marketing is finding things to talk about consistently. After all, you can only talk about your products and services so much.

Expand what you can talk about by thinking about your audience and what interests them. A coffee shop, for example, can talk about things that interest their demographic. Let’s say the coffee shop is frequented by young people. You can talk about music, hobbies, sports, books, and other things that young people like – anything and everything that people in your target audience associate with on a regular basis.

It means getting a little creative, but you can do it – just think about your audience and what they like.