Tips for posting great Facebook and Instagram stories

Tips for posting great Facebook and Instagram stories

If you’ve found this blog, you likely understand the value of Facebook and Instagram stories. Posting stories to your personal account is one thing, but if you’re planning on using stories to market your business, you’ll want to keep several things in mind.

You need to have great visuals

The Fyre Festival may have been a bust, but no one can deny the effectiveness of their social media campaign. Out of the gate, its organizers knew their Instagram launch would need to be eye catching—and it would have to get people to stop scrolling. The marketing team decided they’d post a photo of an orange box. That post stopped people in their tracks; it got a lot of attention and in a matter of a few days, word of the festival went viral.  Granted, the execution of the festival was nothing short of disastrous, but their social media launch was on point.

The moral of this story is simple—when it comes to posting stories, you don’t need to do something that’s over the top.  You simply need to post photos that will catch your followers’ eyes.

Branding matters

People have short attention spans; when you post stories, you’ll want to make sure your branding is up front. This can be done by adding your logo to whatever you’re posting in your stories. If people don’t see your brand, out of the gate, they may move on before they see a recognizable visual.

Get creative and encourage people to engage

Stories don’t have to be static. Don’t be afraid to use the app’s boomerang function.  It’s ok to use @mentions, or to ask people to vote up or down on a certain topic. This doesn’t have to be complicated; one musical artist we know decided to grow his beard in. He posted that photo on Instagram, alongside a photo of himself without facial hair. He asked his followers to vote “yay” or “nay.”  The response rate was nothing short of incredible.

Have questions? We can help

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